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The Hypocrisy of the Myles Garrett Incident (and Other Rants/Rambles of the Browns)

Pointing Out the Flaws of the Browns' Season So Far

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

Following the fallout from the Myles Garrett helmet swing at the end of the Browns' 21-7 thrashing of the Steelers, social and mainstream media erupted in a firestorm, condemning the actions of Myles Garrett. Some went so far as to call it "barbaric" and that Myles Garrett should be charged with assault and jail-time due to the helmet swing. (Some people even suggest that he should get banned for life!)

The level of abject hypocrisy in these assertions are absolutely sickening. 

There's no doubt that what Myles Garrett did was wrong (along with DaMarious Randall and Larry Ogunjobi), but to engage in character assassination and act as if this is somehow indicative of him being a "dirty player" is to pretend to be completely naive of the nature of both the fight AND the NFL. A few things to point out here as to why the outrage is hypocritical.

1) Mason Rudolph CLEARLY started the fight. As the film shows, he not only attempted to rip off Garrett's helmet, but also kicked him in the nuts prior to Garrett ripping his helmet off.

2) Mason Rudolph also REFUSED to apologize or take ANY accountability for his role in instigating the fight, instead calling what Garrett did "COWARDLY" and "bush-league". (Also note that despite initiating the brawl, he wasn't suspended AT ALL.)

3) Albert Haynesworth stomped Andre Gurode in the face and got suspended for only five games, even though Gurode needed thirty stitches(!) to repair the damaged caused by his stomp (and even tried to seriously press charges). Why is Myles Garrett getting punished more than that despite doing far less damage to Rudolph?

4) The Pittsburgh Steelers are NOTORIOUS for housing players that are overaggressive, even to the point of committing outright headhunting. Just look at these examples of Steelers' players being wayyy to violent towards their opponents. And if you isolate the incidents with the Browns, it's even more egregious. I also find it quite interesting that James Harrison of all people is calling for the arrest of Myles Garrett, seeing as how he has handed out concussions to Browns' players (Mohammed Massaquoi,Colt McCoy, and Josh Cribbs) like candy and was even charged with assault himself.

5) Just earlier in the year, Earl Thomas was fined for a hit on Mason Rudolph that sent him to the hospital. He too was remorseful, yet was only fined $21K (and was NOT suspended AT ALL).

If anything, the outrage reeks more so of the Steelers being sore losers than anything else. They thought that they could beat the Browns without ANY of the "Killer B's" (Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Ben Rothlisberger), a hurt receiving corps AND hurt running backs. Their overconfidence in their defense made them falsely assume they could beat this underachieving Browns' team with simply fear and intimidation. Instead, they got a black eye (pun intended) and a bloody nose, and instead of gracefully accepting defeat, much like the Ravens, they instead try to pick fights with Browns' players.

Simple Reasons for the Browns Struggling on Offense

Moving on to other things wrong with the Browns, the BIGGEST reason why the Browns are sitting at 4-6 (as opposed to anywhere between 6-4 and 8-2) is because of the offense. Now, the easy (read: lazy) thing to do is put most of the blame on Baker Mayfield and even OBJ (somehow). However, as Strong Opinion Sports has correctly pointed out, the Browns' offensive struggles are primarily due to playcalling/offensive scheming.

For example, in two separate occasions, (5:58-6:08) and (6:20-6:26) , Freddie Kitchens calls a play within his own 10-yard line for the Browns to go with a long passing play, even though, in both scenarios, the offensive line was at a disadvantage due to the Browns being backed up on their own endzone. Or what about the time against the Broncos where he calls for a failed QB sneak on 4th & 1 (6:11-6:21) and left Nick Chubb on the sideline (Nick Chubb, as of 11/17/19, averages approximately 5.1 yards a carry). We could also look at the stolen pitch against the Patriots (2:12-2:17), the questionable 4th &9 draw play against the Rams, or the botched pitch that was almost returned for a touchdown against the Bills (10:22-10:30). Again, in all of these circumstances, the plays drawn up on the offense MAKE NO SENSE considering the situation. But Freddie Kitchens calls them anyway because he is extremely overconfident in his play-calling abilities.

And it is that EXACT overconfidence that has made him into a liability on the Browns' coaching staff. 

See, the one of the biggest reasons why the Browns' offensive have historically struggled since their return in 1999 is because of the coaching staff's addiction to the "clean slate". Whenever a coach gets fired, the new coach comes in and completely abandons the playbook that the previous coach had, regardless of how successful it was. When Freddie Kitchens turned around the Browns' offense, all he did was run a simplified version of Todd Hayley and Hue Jackson's playbook, with some trick plays thrown in there. It was a perfect fit for the Browns, and allowed them to win 5 of their last 7 games in 2018. This year, with the hiring of Todd Monken, he decided to almost completely abandon that PROVEN formula for success and instead attempt to draw up an entirely new playbook with the help of Monken, emphasizing long-developing vertical routes and sideline throws as opposed to pass plays that maximize YAC (yards after catch). This works for pass-happy air-raid QBs like Patrick Mahommes because of his strong arm, great receiving corps, and great pass-protection (5th best pass-blocking in NFL as of Week 11 in 2019). However, for Baker and the Browns, this is a massive handicap because of a) weak pass-protection (21st-best pass blocking unit), and b) Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, two ELITE NFL RBs.

All-in-all, the reason why the Browns' offense is so much worse than it should be (especially in comparison to the Ravens is because Freddie Kitchens' playcalling (and Todd Monken's  fundamentally violates Law 45 of the 48 Laws of Power (Preach the Need for Change, But Never Reform Too Much at Once). He found a successful formula, and moved away from it for no good reason, whereas the Ravens didn't deviate too much from their run-heavy playbook since last year, which is why, as of Week 11 in 2019, the Ravens have twice as many wins (8-2) as the Browns (4-6), despite the Browns beating both the Ravens and Steelers by double-digits.


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Baker Mayfield Was Correct....Many People Want to See the Browns FAIL

How Baker's Comments Reaffirms the Unearned Hostility Many Have Towards the Cleveland Browns,h_1123,w_2000,x_0,y_0/c_fill,f_auto,h_495,q_auto,w_880/v1/m/f/4/f45453cb94caa753a01ccb26345e1f41fbdc7d89/13178400.jpg

In a recent interview by Complex Magazine, Baker Mayfield said that many media members and NFL fans want to see the Browns lose simply because of the talented players that they have gained in the 2018-2019 off-season. Even though some media members try to deny it, one can argue that Baker Mayfield is 100% spot-on in his assessment of the situation. It sounds corny, but one could venture to say that there are a lot of NFL fans and pundits that straight-up Browns haters. The reason why is because of the common talking points against the Browns being successful that sound great on the surface, but lack any real substance when one takes a panoramic view around the NFL landscape.

Common Arguments as to why the Browns Will Fail

1) "They Haven't Won Anything in 20 Years!"

Why it Doesn't Make Sense:

There have been several examples of teams just within the last decade of the NFL who have become overnight successes. Remember when the Rams were trash for more than a decade? Remember when Jared Goff was considered a draft bust? Remember when the Eagles were known for choking in the playoffs and for fielding subpar teams? Remember when the Seahawks were known for being the worst team that ever made the playoffs? Remember when the Jaguars were a complete laughingstock of a franchise for more than a decade? Remember when Saints were labeled as the "Aint's"?

If all of the teams listed can become playoff contenders over the course of the last decade, why is it such a stretch to think that the Browns with this current roster of

2) "Freddie Kitchens is a Rookie Head Coach"

Why it Doesn't Make Sense:

If you also look at recent NFL history, say, the last 15 years or so, you will also notice a peculiar trend; and that's "inexperienced" rookie head coaches having seemingly overnight success despite having no prior experience coaching a team professionally. Examples include:

Sean Payton for the Saints in 2006 (Finished 10-6)

Mike Tomlin for the Steelers in 2007 (Finished 10-6)

John Harbaugh for the Ravens in 2008 (Finished 11-5)

Jim Caldwell for the Colts in 2009 (Finished 14-2)

Jim Harbaugh for the 49ers in 2011 (Finished 13-3)

Chuck Pagano for the Colts in 2012 (Finished 11-5)

Sean McVay for the Rams in 2017 (Finished 11-5; currently the youngest head coach in NFL history)

Franck Reich for the Colts in 2018 (Finished 10-6)

Matt Naggy for the the Bears in 2018 (Finished 12-4)

And you wanna know what they ALL had in common? They had extremely talented rosters, just like DA BROWNS! (gasp!) If anything, history has shown that guys in Freddie Kitchens position will be very successful.

3) "Too Many Big Personalities in the Locker Room...."

Why it Doesn't Make Sense:

Many of the people in the mainstream media, as well as many people who attempt to "tamper expectations for" (read: "hate" on) this upgraded Browns roster like to point to how the Browns locker room is filled with "divas" and "big personalities" that "will explode once adversity hits". All of this makes for great hot-takes in sports media, but if you look even mildly beyond the surface, you realize that this narrative is a five ton pile of horseshit. For one, many people who talk about OBJ being a "problem" in the locker room tend to overlook the fact that this the exact same OBJ whom several teammates from both the Giants AND Browns have come out publicly and vouched for him being a great teammate.

 "He’s a great leader, he’s a passionate player, and you thrive off that, especially me,"
 -Giants RB Saquon Barkley

“He was a great teammate, like one of the best teammates you could ever ask for....Especially for somebody of his caliber. We’re talking about one of the modern-day rock stars. He was of a different caliber. But for someone of his status, he was very approachable in the locker room.”
-Giants Safety Michael Thomas

“We loved him,” Collins said. “Odell is my brother. He is not that kind of guy, or what people think he is about or what the organization did. I don’t know why."
-Former Giants Safety Landon Collins (reacting to the OBJ trade)

"Odell is just a smart, super-smart guy. He's always trying to help us, and we're trying to help him. He's just a natural leader. He takes accountability for everyone, he shows up on time, and he kind of leads by example. Sometimes he doesn't even talk that much, but he's definitely a good guy."
 -Giants player Hunter Sharp

 "He gets a bad rap, I don't know where the hell they got that from. If you never met the guy, don't know the guy, just keep your mouth shut. I played with the guy 3 yrs, now going on my 4th yr, he's a great teammate, great person"
 -Former Giants and current Browns DE Olivier Vernon

 “Phenomenal, really.....He’s a great teammate and a great person. We all know what he brings to the table. He makes crazy plays and we’re excited to have him on the team. I actually knew him prior to him getting traded . . . same old dude."
 -Browns TE David Njoku 

 Yep. Definitely sounds like a locker room problem. What about Baker Mayfield?

"If that’s your kind of player, I don’t think people would get too obsessed by it, but if people are upset by that style at times, maybe they wouldn’t like it as much. But obviously as the quarterback of our team, we all love it. We love his competitive fire. He brings a lot of good stuff to the table."
-Browns LB Joe Schobert

"It honestly fires up the defense, the special teams, the receivers, everybody else. I think the O-line is the most even-keeled position group on the team, so we’re just going to try and do our job and keep him upright. If he talks a little bit more or has a little bit of swagger to him, that’s what makes him special and we’re going to roll with that."
 -Browns OL Joel Bitonio

"There's two people that come to mind as the best teammates I have ever had. One is Joe Mixon, and the second is Baker Mayfield......[Mayfield] is one of my best friends, but an incredible teammate. Someone that you'll run through a brick wall for, and there aren't many people like that. He's family. He loves to compete, and he loves football. You can't ask for anything else in a teammate. Incredible guy."
 -Former Sooners TE Mark Andrews 

As you can see, this right here is unquestionable proof that guys like Baker and OBJ will be a problem in the locker room as the season progresses. Same thing goes for the people that claim that Kareem Hunt is a "toxic teammate" for "assaulting" a woman in a hotel in 2018. Those same people who make those claims conveniently overlook the fact that that the "innocent" (read: White) woman whom Kareem Hunt had kicked had gotten drunk and picked a fight with him by calling him and his friend the n-word. (Psst! Why do you think she didn't press charges? 'Cause she knew she was even more in the wrong than he was.) Speaking of Kareem Hunt:

"Kareem has been nothing but a good friend and a good teammate...He’s been in the community trying to make a difference in other people’s lives. That’s what’s real. Everyone has things that go wrong in their lives. It’s how you come out of those situations that determine your true character. I think I’ll just leave it as that. What we said [to Mayfield] is true. Kareem, I hope he makes the best of his situation."
 -Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (after Hunt signed with Browns)

Remember when Baker was supposedly being "called out" by "veterans" on the team for making comments on Duke Johnson requesting a trade? Well guess what? One of the "veterans", Jarvis Landry, came out publicly and declared it to be a "non-issue". When also pressed about negative comments regarding Todd Monken, Jarvis himself questioned the legitimacy of the sources. Turns out the "report" was made by Michael Silver, a close associate with Hue Jackson (yes, the same Hue Jackson that was the worst NFL coach ever AND had planned to bench both Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb as rookies had he still been there).


Overall, because of the Browns history of having incompetent front office management and QB play, despite their overhaul in talent on their roster, they are still not fully respected as an elite NFL team. All it takes is for things to change is for them to rack up 10+ wins, with four of them coming against a supposedly "tough" teams. Don't be surprised if one sees all of these talking points magically evaporate from the media by the end of Week 10.

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Predicting the Browns 2019 Record

How I Think the Browns Will Perform in the 2019-2020 Season

Image result for browns logo

(Division games are in bold.)

(*indicates a Primetime game)


Week 1: vs Titans

Prediction: Win

Why: The Titans have historically struggled to beat the Browns at their worst (a 28-26 victory over the 1-15 Browns in 2016 and a 12-9 OT victory over the 0-16 2017 Browns), so expect them to lose at a modest two-score margin. Plus, this is a home game, so expect the Browns to come out swinging.

*Week 2: at Jets

Prediction: Win

Why: Both teams have gotten better, it's just that the Browns will have improved more. Expect a close finish

*Week 3: vs LA Rams

Prediction: Win

Why: Expect a shootout, with the Browns getting a last-second clutch stop against the Rams.

Week 4: at Ravens

Prediction: Win

Why: Baker Mayfield will avenge last year's Week 17 loss by taking advantage of a weakened Ravens defense, along with the Browns defense using QB-spy and blitz packages to expose Lamar Jackson for the mediocre QB he is. Don't be surprised if the game starts off close, only for the Browns to reel off 21+ unanswered points to put the game out of reach.

*Week 5: at 49ers

Prediction: Loss

Why: East coast teams don't play very well traveling to the West Coast; plus, the 49ers will down the Browns offense due to a much improved defense.

Week 6: vs Seahawks

Prediction: Loss

Why: Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson will find a way to somehow pull off a victory vs the Browns.

Week 7: Bye

Week 8: at Patriots

Prediction: Loss

Why: The Browns have struggled to beat New England on the road, so expect it to continue even without Rob Gronkowski.

Week 9: at Broncos

Prediction: Win

Why: Last year's game was a tight affair, but an improved Browns offense since then will ultimately be the difference in this game. Expect a close game throughout.

Week 10: vs Bills

Prediction: Win

Why: Browns will look to pounce on the Bills in order to increase their division lead. Bills defense will be tough, however, so expect a low-scoring affair (24-10, or something to that effect)

*Week 11: vs Steelers

Prediction: Win

Why: A balanced offensive attack and a ferocious pass rush will down the overconfident, yet offensively depleted Steelers.

Week 12: vs Dolphins

Prediction: Win

Why: The Dolphins will look to tank for next year's draft. As long as the Browns don't underestimate them, they'll win easily.

Week 13: at Steelers

Prediction: Win

Why: This will be the game that the Browns finally snap their 15-year road losing streak against the Steelers. Expect Kareem Hunt to save the day for the Browns with a big performance. Also, don't be surprised if this game is decided by a missed kick by Chris Boswell.

Week 14: vs Bengals

Prediction: Win

Why: The Browns outscored the Bengals 61-38 in two meetings last year, with 28 of the 38 points scored by the Bengals coming in garbage time. The Browns have made major improvements; the Bengals haven't. Expect the blowouts to continue.

Week 15: at Cardinals

Prediction: Win

Why: A potential trap game for the Browns. However, by then, they will be looking either to wrap up the division or to fight for a 1st-round bye. Therefore, they won't get caught sleeping on the Cardinals. (Not to mention Baker's vendetta against Kliff Klingsbury.)

Week 16: vs Ravens

Prediction: Win

Why: IF in fact the Ravens are somehow neck-and-neck with the Browns at this point in the season, they will utilize this opportunity to eradicate all false hope that the Ravens will have of winning the division.

Week 17: at Bengals

Prediction: Win

Why: The Browns will be looking either to clinch the division or a first-round bye, so expect them to cruise to another victory. The Bengals, however, might look to play spoiler.

Final Record: 13-3

Worst-Case prediction: 10-6

Best-Case prediction: 15-1

Games that can go the other way: Week 3 vs Rams, Week 5 vs 49ers, Week 6 vs Seahawks,  Week 8 at Patriots, Week 9 at Broncos Week 11 vs Steelers, vs Week 13 at Steelers

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Ten Reasons Why the Browns Probably Win the AFC North in 2019

Making a Strong Case as to Why the Browns Will Snap Their Playoff Drought in 2019

10) John Dorsey

Since the Browns have been back in the NFL since 1999, they've been notoriously bad at drafting due to incompetence in the front office, which is also why turnover is so high at the General Manager (GM) position. The Browns have finally shored up these problems by hiring John Dorsey at GM, who is largely responsible for this Browns turnaround since he's been hired. He's pulled no punches in regards to cutting dead weight and/or hoarding talent, which include trading away DeShone Kizer, Carlos Hyde, and Kenny Britt in favor of acquisitions such as Damarious Randall, Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Sheldon Richardson, and Kareem Hunt. He was also bold enough to trade away Kevin Zeitler and Jabrill Peppers in favor of Olivier Vernon and Odell Beckham Jr. On top of that, he helped to put a merciful end to the disastrous Hue Jackson era in Cleveland (also kicking out Todd Hayley), whilst promoting the unassuming Freddie Kitchens to head coach. With the recent emphasis on defensive players in this year's draft (2019), John Dorsey is showing that he is incredibly serious about turning this league laughingstock into serious SuperBowl contenders.

9) Bengals in disarray

Simply put, the Bengals are not going to look to be contenders due to their injury-riddled team and atrocious defense (who also lost their most intimidating defensive player in Vontez Burfict to the Raiders), ranked as dead last in the league. Plus they have a huge question mark at head coach after firing notoriously underachieving head coach Marvin Lewis (0-7 in playoff games) in favor of Zac Taylor. Bottom line is, the Bengals are stuck in the AFC North basement; however, don't feel sorry for them, because they, like the Steelers and Ravens, loved to beat up on the Browns in the AFC North.

8) Backloaded AFC North schedule

The good thing about the Browns 2019 schedule is that most of their toughest opponents come in the first 8 weeks, with four of the seven teams (Seahawks, Patriots, Rams, Ravens) having made the playoffs in 2018. In fact, past Week 8, the Browns only play ONE playoff team from the previous season, which is a home game against the Ravens. Plus, Kareem Hunt will be able to come back after Week 10, right in time to play 5 of the 6 divisional games. Even if the Browns get off to a slow start (3-5 or 4-4), the last 8 games are set up for them to go somewhere between 6-2 and 8-0 over the second half of the season, a similar situation to last season.

7) Elite Offensive/Defensive Line

The Browns offensive line, thanks to the second-half team resurgence, was ranked #2 according to Pro Football Focus (PFF). Though Kevin Zeitler is gone, the Browns hope to fill that void with Austin Corbett. On defense, the Browns upgraded their defensive line through the acquisitions of Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson, both of whom are expected to be excellent run stoppers and pass rushers that compliment the likes of Larry Ogunjobi and Myles Garrett. As long as everyone is healthy, there's no reason why both sides of the line don't improve over the course of the 2019 season.

6) Ravens' Obvious Flaws

After the end of the 2018 season, the Baltimore Ravens, with their elite defense (ranked #1 overall according to ESPN), ended up losing many of their best players to free agency, which include Eric Weddle, Terrell Suggs, and C.J. Mosley (although they did sign Earl Thomas from the Seahawks). With the acquisition of Mark Ingram, the Ravens have shown that they are fully committed to being a run-heavy offense, which is good and bad for them, especially with Lamar Jackson as their QB.

Despite leading them to a playoff berth, the major flaw with Lamar Jackson is that he's not nearly as good of a pocket passer as he should be, especially throwing outside the numbers. His stats scream mediocrity when one examines them. As a rookie, Lamar Jackson started in 7 games (16 games played) and finished with 1,201 passing yards, a 58.2% completion rate, with 6 TD passes and 3 INTs. With these numbers projected out over all 16 games, had he started every game, he'd have finished with approximately 2,745 passing yards 14 TD passes, and 7 INTs. Not exactly "franchise quarterback" numbers.

Now, compare those numbers to Baker Mayfield, who started in 13 games (14 games played) and finished with 3,725 passing yards, a 63.8% completion rate, with 27 TD passes and 14 INTs. With these numbers projected out over all 16 games, had he been named the starter from the beginning, he'd have finished with approximately 4,257 passing yards, 31 TD passes and 16 INTs.

Let's also not forget that Browns Hall of Famer and Ravens long-time GM in Ozzie Newsome recently retired as well, creating a gaping hole with stability at GM.

We can also point out how, outside of the turnovers, how well Baker Mayfield has played against this elite Ravens defense. For one, he and Patrick Mahomes are the only two QBs to pass for more than 300 yards against the Ravens in 2018, with Baker being the only one to do it twice. For two, Baker has averaged approximately 359 passing yards and 2 TDs against the Ravens as a rookie. With their losses on defense and the Browns significant improvements at wide receiver, how well do you think he will do passing against that Ravens defense the next time they meet? 

To put it bluntly, the Ravens luck WILL run out against the Browns. It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN. The last time these two teams met, the Ravens needed almost 300 rushing yards, 3 Baker Mayfield INTs, a missed field goal AND TD pass by the Browns, as well as an early whistle on a Lamar Jackson fumble that should have gone the other way for a defensive TD for the Ravens to barely beat the Browns by 2 (26-24). Ravens will not keep getting all of these breaks going their way.

(As a personal aside, I predict the Browns beat the Ravens Week 4 on the road 34-17, with Baker throwing for 420 yards and 4 TDs, with, at worst, 2 INTs, simply because the Ravens have Earl Thomas.)

5) Steelers' Flaws/Dysfunction

The Steelers are in a position similar to the Ravens, but on offense. Despite making upgrades to their defense with the acquisition of Devin Bush, Jr. from Michigan (along with their offensive line being ranked #1 according to PFF), the Steelers lost a lot of talent offensively with the departure of starters Jesse James (Tight End), Antonio Brown (Wide Receiver), and Le'Veon Bell (Running Back), who went to the Lions, Raiders, and Jets, respectively. Now, Vance McDonald, JuJu Smith-Shuster, and James Conner are good players in their own right. However, the issue here is that they are still a tier below the starpower of the previous starters; plus James Conner has problems with holding onto the football.

As Steelers fan and YouTube sports commentator Urinating Tree has pointed out, despite being hailed as a model franchise, the Steelers have had a ton of dysfunction behind the scenes, which include their starting veteran QB Ben Rothlisberger, who is surprisingly immature and a team cancer, despite his future Hall of Famer (HOF) statistics.

Not to mention that they still have Chris Boswell, who missed the most kicks in the NFL in 2018.

Something tells me that despite their depth, critical mistakes will cost them a handful of games.

4) The Huge Chip on Baker Mayfield's Shoulder

Baker Mayfield is notorious for being a fiery competitor. Going from being a walk-on to Oklahoma and Texas Tech to winning the heisman in 2017 and being the #1 NFL draft pick in 2018 is no easy feat, especially for someone who is considered to be "undersized" at the QB position. Being doubted because of size and/or "undraftability" despite his insane accuracy and surprising level of maturity and leadership at QB is something that he takes personally as an athlete. Add to the fact that he was snubbed for Offensive Rookie of the Year despite winning Rookie of the Week seven times (compared to Saquon Batkley's three times) and setting the NFL rookie TD passing record, and you have a recipe for a guy who's gonna be looking to prove the doubters wrong. Another element adding fuel to his fire is the keen awareness that he still is not respected by some as an elite passer simply because he is proud to rep the Black Sheep of the NFL in the Browns. With all of this as motivation, don't be surprised if Baker throws north of 4,500 yards and 40 TDs (and no more than 20 INTs) and is competing with the likes of Patrick Mahomes for NFL MVP.

3) Browns are (Low-Key) Desperate, Steelers & Ravens are Arrogant

It has been said that some people cannot begin to change until they hit rock bottom. For the Browns, that occurred when they went 0-16 in 2017, removing all false hope of "it'll be alright" that come with previous seasons of winning between 3-6 games. This immediately created a shift in mindset from "wait til' next year" to "win right now". And so because of this, the Browns, if you observe their electrifying playing style, has an underlying hint of desperation that comes with it. Simply put, the Browns have been backed into a corner over the last 20 years when it comes to losing that they simply have no other option to retain relevance and fan support than to win as much as they can right now, even if it means winning (gasp!) the SuperBowl.

The Steelers and Ravens, on the other hand, are incredibly arrogant when it comes to facing the Browns in the AFC North. Especially the Steelers, whom many fans of the organizations still insist on believing that this is "da same old Browns", despite a) their major departures, and b) the Browns major additions.

Don't be surprised if the Ravens finish 8-8 (due to teams finally "getting tape" on Lamar Jackson) and the Steelers finish somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7 (due to costly mistakes by the likes of James Conner, Ben Rothlisberger, and Chris Boswell).

2) Extremely young and talented playmakers

What do Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Nick Chubb, Odell Beckham Jr., Myles Garrett, Joe Shobert, Genard Avery, and Greedy Williams all have in common (besides playing for the Browns)?

Answer: They're all currently under the age of 27.

What that means is simply that as long as their is enough cap space, this team's championship window will be open for a while.

1) Browns are simply overdue for a playoff appearance


If, over the last decade, perennial NFL laughingstocks such as the Saints, Seahawks, and Eagles can all win SuperBowls, the Jaguars go from 3-13 in 2016 to 10-6 and making an AFC Championship game appearance in 2017-18 (led by the likes of  the underachieving Blake Bortles) as well the Buffalo Bills snapping a 20 year playoff drought that lasted longer than the Browns (led by the notoriously conservative Tyrod Taylor at QB), along with the Los Angeles Rams going from an abysmal 4-12 in 2016 to 13-3 in 2018 and making a SuperBowl LIII appearance, than it isn't too much of a stretch to say that the Browns can snap a playoff drought. 

(*Note: formatting errors due to, not personal error.) 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Five Times the Browns Narrowly Missed the Playoffs (Since 1999)

Five Times the Browns Should Have Made the Playoffs...........But Didn't

Image result for browns

Following the NFL fallout from the Browns signing notable players such as Kareem Hunt, Olivier Vernon, Sheldon Richardson, and Odell Beckham Jr., many fans and analysts have picked the Browns to win the AFC North, as well as ending their (now going on 17 year) playoff drought. However, many people have also predicted that due to the Browns past of being a consistent loser, that the acquisition of so much talent could turn the organization into a dumpster fire. This is always a possibility. However, what most of the naysayers overlook is that if not for bad luck (and bad offense), the Browns could have made the playoffs several times outside of just the 2002 season. Here are the five biggest times the Browns came oh-so-close to playing in January/February.

5) 2010 Browns

Record: 5-11

It probably doesn't make sense to have a team that finished 5-11 listed as someone narrowly missing the Playoffs, but this Browns team is notable for their stingy defense (only allowing more than 20 points 4 times all season), as well as the sole breakout season of Peyton Hillis, who would later grace the cover of Madden 12 the following year.

They're also notable for losing seven games by a touchdown or less. Some of this games include losing Weeks 1 (17-14) & 2 (16-14) to the Bucs and Chiefs, respectively, as well as a stunning 24-20 Week 11 loss at Jacksonville, despite the defense forcing five straight turnovers (one of them being a fumble recovery touchdown).

Had the Browns simply scored one more touchdown in all of those close contests (or, had the offense scored exactly 21 points every single game of the season), this Browns team would have finished at approximately 11-5.

4) 2001 Browns

Record: 7-9

This Browns came up just short of missing the playoffs primarily due to offensive struggles and letting a handful of winnable game slip right through their fingers. Some examples of these include getting edged out at home Weeks 1 (9-6) and 9 (15-12) to the Seahawks and Steelers respectively, as well as an embarrassing Week 8 27-21 OT road loss to the Bears in which the Browns blew a 21-7 4th quarter lead. On top of that, who could forget the infamous Bottlegate incident?

Had the Browns scored just one more touchdown in each of these four games, they would have also finished 11-5 for the year.

3) 2014 Browns

Record: 7-9

This Browns team was notable for getting off to a fast start, only to fall apart at the end. The 2014 Browns lead the AFC North Division at 7-4 at one point, only to lose their last five games.

One noteworthy loss included Week 1 at the Steelers, the same game that Antonio Brown kicked the Browns punter in the face. Trailing 27-3 at one point, the Browns made a furious rally, tying the game at 27, only to lose on a last-second field goal, 30-27. (They would overcome a 28-3 road deficit against the Titans the following week.)

More noteworthy losses included getting edged out by the Ravens (23-21) and Colts (25-24) at home, as well as some tough road losses to the Panthers (17-13) and Ravens (20-10), the last of which included letting go of a 10-3 4th quarter lead due to an exhausted defense. Had they been able to successfully close out these five games, they would have finished an astounding 12-4.

After 2014, the Browns would eventually let go of their starting quarterback for most of the season in Brian Hoyer, the only Browns QB as of the end of the 2018 season to have a winning record as a starter (10-6).

2) 2018 Browns

Record: 7-8-1

We can't talk about the Browns narrowly missing the Playoffs without talking about last season. Behind record-setting rookies Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb, the Browns fell juuust short of the postseason, despite a coaching change halfway through the season.

The failure of the Browns making the postseason in 2018 can be primarily blamed on three things: kicking woes, coaching, and bad calls by refs.

Refball cost the Browns crucuial games against the Raiders Week 4 (a bad spot) and Ravens Week 17 (early whistle on a Lamar Jackson fumble that would have gone for a touchdown the other way).

Kicking woes cost the Browns critical wins vs the Steelers (Week 1), Saints (Week 2), and Ravens (also Week 17).

And lastly, bad coaching played a part in the Browns failure to make the playoffs as well. Todd Haley's predictable offensive playcalling and Hue Jackson's "nice guy" demeanor were serious impediments to the team attempting to turn things around in the W-L column. It also doesn't help that he tried to "strategically" bench rookie stars Baker Mayfield AND Nick Chubb  (who didn't start until Weeks 4 and 7 respectively, due to Tyrod Taylor getting injured and Carlos Hyde getting traded to the Jaguars). With Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, the Browns played in FOUR overtime games and struggled to a 2-6-1 record. After those two were fired, the Browns proceeded to go 5-3, including going 5-2 the last seven games of the season. At the end of the 2018 season, Baker Mayfield broke the NFL rookie TD passing record (27), and Nick Chubb broke the Browns rookie rushing record (996 yards).

All-in-all, had the Browns had better coaching and kicking (and even better refs), they would have finished the season at 12-4.  

1) 2007 Browns

Record: 10-6

Many people vividly remember this season, for, as of the end of the 2018 season, this is the last time the Browns finished with double-digit regular season wins since 1994. Coming into 2007, expectations were low, seeing as how the Browns offense could barely average 14 points a game in 2006. Expectations were even lower after a 34-7 opening day home loss to the Steelers. After that game, the Browns suddenly came alive, finishing the season at 10-6 and narrowly missing the playoffs due to the Titans edging out the Colts in Week 17.

What is notable about this Browns season is 1) the (late) resurgence of Jamal Lewis at RB, 2) the breakout season of Derek Anderson, and 3) a brief flash of greatness from Braylon Edwards (who caught a Browns franchise-record 16 TD passes).

It's also notable how many games they lost came down to the wire. Out of their six losses, four of them were decided by less than a touchdown. These include a Week 3 26-24 road loss to the Raiders (due to a last-second blocked field goal after nearly overcoming a 16-0 deficit), a Week 10 (31-28) road loss to the Steelers (noted by this amazing kickoff return TD by Josh Cribbs), a Week 13 (27-21) road loss to the Cardinals (despite Larry Fitzgerald being sidelined with an injury), and a Week 16 (19-14) road loss to the Bengals (in which the Browns fell just short of erasing a 19-0 deficit)

Had the Browns scored just one more touchdown in each of those four close losses, they would have finished the season at a staggering 14-2.

All-in-all, let's hope that the Browns adopt a killer instinct coming into the 2019 season and accomplish what all these other Browns teams failed to do.....which is make the postseason.

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Google+ Post Dump (Part X)

(Posted on February 27, 2017)

Examples of women that have been in far worse situations/circumstances than the typical "Black" American female:

The dire situation of Hispanic women crossing through Southern Mexico:

Armenian women in the Armenian Holocaust

Ukranian women that were victims of the Soviet terror-famine/Holodomor

Australian Aboriginal women brutally raped and tortured by British slaves/colonists

Chinese women/female soldiers caught up in the Taiping Rebellion:

Congolese women caught up in the Rubber terror under the regime of King Leopold II

Tutsi women caught up in the Rwandan genocide

East Indian women under both Bengal famines

Arab women under shariah law

Japanese women that were victims of the atomic bombings

European women that were caught up in the battles of WWI, WWII, and chattel slavery here in the Americas


(Posted on March 8, 2017)


(Posted on May 4, 2017)

As I, 1000gohead, Safa Karu, TYRONE ST., etc. have been telling y'all, time and time again, the vast majority of the "Pro-Black"/Afrocentric/Pan-African crowd (especially the radical ones) are a bunch of hypocrites/professional victims and actors. Especially in regards to the "Pro-Black" female. Who you really are genealogically is your business and your business only.




Also check out Shawn James' blog posts on this very subject:


(Posted on June 8, 2017)

I found this section in a book recently and wanted to share it. Sound familiar to the conditions in many of our communities?


(Posted on November 6, 2017)

(Just another quick post.)

One of the most prevalent myths about Antebellum slavery is the large amount of so-called "slave-breeding" going on. Guess what? Most of it is bullshit. Why?

1) The "Black" (Amerindian slave) fertility rate was much higher in 1870 (after the Civil War) than in 1820 (during chattel slavery). If "Blacks" were being bred like rabbits, this would have resulted in (most of) our ancestors once again becoming a dominant majority of the population, which would have possibly resulted in even more slave rebellions than the 250+ that had occured back then (especially since the men were doing most of the heavy lifting). Simply put, the lower fertility rate during chattel slavery was merely a means of population control. Same reason as to why they didn't recognize slaves marrying and why abortion is pushed so heavily in the "Black" community since Margaret Sanger established Planned Parenthood (who aimed to eliminate "the colored population" and was a notorious Klan sympathizer).

2) More than half of the Southern states did not have slaves counted in their population until after that territory became a part of the Union (seen in the picture below). That's the real reason for the "sudden" jump in the slave population from the time of the first U.S. Census to the Civil War.

3) Remember the 3/5ths compromise? That technically meant that the "Negro slave" population was DELIBERATELY under-counted by 40% (which, if I'm not mistaken, meant that the ACTUAL "Negro slave" population was closer to approximately 5.5 to 5.6 million people).

4) *If most "Black" Americans are so "heavily mixed" with European blood, then why aren't most of us light-skinned?


All in all, we seriously have to stop regurgitating talking points from Eurocentric pseudo-historians and fake "woke" people. This shit is getting really annoying.


(Posted on May 31, 2018)

Here's an excellent breakdown of the "I.Q." debate made by Kirigakure Jones/Kumogakure School.



(Posted on July 5, 2018)

I rarely, if ever speak on celebrities, but this is just too hilarious to pass up.