Friday, October 28, 2016

Addressing an Issue

Dedicated to the Brainwashed Afrosimptricks Out There


Friday, February 26, 2016

An Uncomfortable Truth

Taken from the former 1000gohead post titled "Strange Fruit Hanging from a Normal Tree"

YouTuber 360insight goes:

+Nathan Dawson Another crucial part of history that i never here any pan-african/afrocentrists mention is the so called repatriation that took place in 1821. The u.s. navy purchased the land we now know and refer to as liberia from indigenous west africans. Before that land was renamed liberia it was known as the malaquette coast. The u.s. proceeded to use their newly purchased land in west africa as a colony with an agenda to "repatriate"/ship off at least 5 million indigenous freed negro slaves off their homeland back to a land they never came from, all under the guise of the african slave trade lie and the afrocentricity rhetoric. American negroes were not welcomed "back to africa" with open arms by their alleged long lost brothers and sisters. The american colonization society founded by european christians was the political tool/organization used to attempt to bring this scheme to remove the indigenous peoples of america from their homeland by the millions to fruition. Ultimately their initial plan to send millions "back to africa" failed due to the resistance and ridicule they received from indigenous negroes and even europeans. Instead of shipping off millions of negroes to a foreign land against their will, they instead settled and shipped off between 10,000-20,000 negroes that were willing to go. The vast majority of the freed negro slaves that willingly left to the new african colony were christians that fell for the african slave rhetoric, gave up on their own homeland and decided that they would never be free here. This fact also falls in line with their agenda to christianize the indigenous peoples of west africa by using our people as a proxy. The new african colony on the malaquette coast was renamed liberia by the american colonization society. The etymology of the name liberia comes from the latin word "liber" which means free, as in the land of the freed negro slaves. When the negroes that left to africa arrived they coined the term "americo-liberian" for themselves. In 1847, the americo-liberians declared themselves independent from the american colonization society and set up there own government and socio-political system modeled after the u.s. government and social system. They also created their own constitution which was also modeled after the u.s. constitution, and they set up their own political party named the "True Whig Party" which was named after the u.s. political "whig party", and the u.s. modeled their whig party after the whig party of great britain. The term "whig" comes from how politicians and judges in great britain wore weird curly white wigs when in court or in office.

After declaring independence and creating their own government, the americo-liberians literally proceeded to oppress and tyrannize the indigenous peoples and tribes of west africa for over 130 years, in a manner identical to how europeans oppessed and tyrannized indigenous melanated peoples all over the world including negroes of america. They labeled them savages and excluded them from government. The only indigenous africans that were allowed to partake in government affairs were the ones that received western educations and were initiates of the freemasonic lodge. They also forced the peoples of west africa to work as what we would call slaves for extremely low wages, took their land from them and forced them to pay taxes on land and resources that they owned and produced long before the americo-liberians ever arrived in africa. Some sources even claim that the manner in which the americo-liberian true whig party ruled over and treated the peoples of west africa was worst than what people call the transatlantic slave trade. As a matter of fact, in 1930 the americo-liberian true whig party was investigated by the league of nations on accounts of subjecting the indigenous west african peoples to forced labor and slavery and were found to be doing exactly that.

Almost every single politician in the liberian government was a sellout freemason. Americo-liberian negro freemasons were the underlying force behind the entire dark history of liberia and are also responsible for much of the west african blood diamond trade and tribal wars that take place in west africa til this day. Every single negro that promoted the african slave story and afrocentricity in america was a freemason and or an anglophile. The so-called father of pan-africanism, Edward Wilmot Blyden who was a negro born on the caribbean island of st. thomas, is said to have been an anglophile by numerous sources. The oxford encyclopedia of african thought refers to blyden as an "inveterate anglophile." Martin delaney, marcus garvey and w.e.b. dubois were all sellout freemasons. People need to understand that garvey was in full support of removing indigenous american negroes off of their land and shipping them off to a colony in a foreign land owned by the u.s. and controlled by freed negro americo-liberian freemason puppet sellouts. The entire history of liberia is smothered with influence from not just europeans, but freemasonry, prince hall freemasonry to be specific. These freemason pan-african "heroes" sold our people up the river and we uphold them as great men. Then we as a collective try to claim africa and its peoples as our own while completely denying or being completely oblivious to the history of freed negro slaves and sellout negro freemasons of the true whig party in west africa. Then our people wonder why africa doesnt reach out or try to connect with negroes in america. Aside from us not being the same people and not being of the same land, we have a history that spans over 130 years of oppressing them that hardly anyone ever mentions or knows about, especially the fake ass pan-african/afrocentric community. The fact that none of them ever make mention of this history is by itself enough proof to see the agenda behind that entire movement and the vast amounts of ignorance within that community. In my opinion, pan-africans/afrocentrists are worst than christians. Most of them are extremely ignorant and arrogant. At least christians have the bible which has within it universal truths and principles that can be applied to ones life to make them an all around better human being. Pan-africanism/afrocentricity justifies negroes in taking on a victim mentality and enables them into thinking that they are super conscious and aware of the history of the whole world now that theyve been brainwashed and indoctrinated with, and have become emotionally attached to the african slave lie and the afrocentricity rhetoric. Its also eradicates the drive to want to stand up and do something to get out of the position our people are in as a collective because according to pan-africanism/afrocentrism, we're not even home here in america. It tells us america is the land of our captivity and suffering, which subconsciously makes us think that we have nothing to fight for or gain here in america. If you look back on ancient history when wars and battles were fought between great nations and empires, what was one of the main things that the victor of the war gained? LAND AND TERRITORY. The african lies tell us to not worry about america at all and focus on africa. Those of us that get arrested for serious crimes get sent to prison. The government spends millions building prisons all across the country to put us in. The reason why is because they cant deport us to africa because africa is not our homeland. Foreign criminals get deported back to their homeland, but not negroes. Why? Because america is the home of the negro/black/african-american and they legally cant deport us anywhere.

It makes absolutely no sense for europeans to allegedly go into africa, somehow conquer and enslave millions of human beings, ship them across the atlantic ocean to america for profit, lose millions of their slaves to death during the middle passage over the atlantic which means massive losses of profit, oppress and rape beat and terrorize them for two and a half centuries in their new american colonies, and then in the end just decide to ship them back across the atlantic to africa. This is what negroes believe and take pride in. Smh.

This also explains why some negroes that take dna tests and get results back telling them that they have dna that comes from west/central africa. The reason why is due to over 130 years of freed negro/americo-liberian and indigenous african miscegenation, not the transatlantic african slave trade lie. The dna sequences acquired by these phony genealogy companies are most likely taken from the descendants of the 10,000-20,000 freed negro slaves that were relocated to liberia in the 19th century. So this is the kill shot to end that mess when negroes want to act smart and play the dna science game.!etd.send_file?accession=osu1354564839&disposition=inline

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hip-Hop Anniversaries, Part III

Serving up Another Round of Hip-Hop Nostalgia

30 Year Anniversary: 

LL Cool J - Radio (1985)

Run DMC - King of Rock (1985)

25 Year Anniversary:

Eric B. & Rakim: Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em (1990)

A Tribe Called Quest: People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)

Brand Nubian: One For All (1990)

Digital Underground: Sex Packets (1990)

Masta Ace: Take a Look Around (1990)

X-Clan: To the East, Blackwards (1990)

Ice Cube: Amerikkka's Most Wanted (1990)

Kid N' Play: Funhouse (1990)

LL Cool J: Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)

Lord Finesse: Funky Technician (1990)

Boogie Down Productions: Edutainment (1990)

Public Enemy: Fear of a Black Planet (1990)

20 Year Anniversary:

 The Pharcyde: Labcabincalifornia (1995)

AZ the Visualiza: Doe or Die (1995)

Mobb Deep: The Infamous (1995)

GZA: Liquid Swords (1995)

Raekwon: Only Built for Cuban Linx (1995)

Tupac: Me Against the World (1995)

The Roots: Do You Want More ?!!!??! (1995)

Naughty by Nature: Poverty's Paradise (1995)

Goodie Mob: Soul Food

Big L: Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous (1995)

Ol' Dirty Bastard: Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version  (1995)

 The Alkaholiks: Coast II Coast  (1995)

15 Year Anniversary:

Outkast: Stankonia (2000)

Deltron 3030: Deltron 3030 (2000)

The Pharcyde: Plain Rap (2000)

Slum Village: Fantastic Vol. 2 (2000)

Common: Like Water for Chocolate (2000)

Ghostface Killa: Supreme Clientele (2000)
10 Year Anniversary:

Common: Be (2005)

Little Brother: The Minstrel Show (2005)

Nicolay: The Dutch Masters Vol. 1* (2005)

Fatlip: The Loneliest Punk (2005)

Big Pooh: Sleepers (2005)

Zion I: True & Livin' (2005)

5 Year Anniversary:

The Roots: How I Got Over (2010)

Nas & Damien Marley: Distant Relatives (2010)


Also Check Out:

The Foreign Exchange: Authenticity (2010)

J Cole: Friday Night Lights (2010)

Did I leave any notable artists/albums out? Leave a comment below.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Three Types of Misandristic Women (When Pertaining to Melanated Men)

Listing the Three Groups of Females Who Have a Disdain for Melanated Men

Young, impressionable Melanated Women (Some) – Not saying that all young Melanated Women are inherently hateful, but what one has to understand is that growing up, young Melanated females are exposed to tons of media and propapaganda. Now because of this and also due to taking advice from bitter female relatives, they (some) learn to hate anything masculine after taking in a steady diet of The Color Purple, Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Grove Back, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip-Hop, Scandal, slanted television news, Worldstarhiphop fights, and Tyler Perry Films/Plays (now to be fair, Dadddy’s Little Girls was his lowest grossing production). This causes them to have a jaded view of their own men/males. As a result, they either act out in an impossibly belligerent manner, or they ironically ignore any guy that does not fit that backwards view of what a man/male is supposed to act like. They also learn through the negative media to be very materialistic, thinking that the ultimate goal in life is to be decked out with Louie Vuitton bags, expensive weave, and to be able to have some wealthy trick at their every becking call. The most ironic thing about this: the females who aren’t constantly bombarded with this media are usually pretty down to earth, kind, compassionate, and sane. At the end of the day, the level of misandry depends inversly on the level of reality they are exposed to.

(Black) Feminists – Oh Black Feminists, *cracks knuckles*where do I begin? First of all, I already wrote about the scam of feminism in a previous article. These women are the epitome of Melanated Man haters: they detest anyone with a dark reproductive germ and a phallus, thinking that they are expressing grievences towards them. Now how they were converted to this paradigm was quite simple. During the so-called Civil Rights Movement, White Liberal Feminists came in (some, like Gloria Steinem, were CIA agents) and pulled a lot of Melanated Women to the side diverting the cause of systemic racism away from White Supremacy and towards ‘Male Privilege’. According to the White Feminists, the fact that men lead the household AT ALL is the reason for the problems in the communities. The focus then became on women being ‘strong and independent’ (depending on government assistance of course). With the use of trigger words such as ‘sexual liberation’, ‘male oppression’, ‘gender equality’, etc. meant to cater to a women’s ego, the White Feminists were able to successful to turn Melanated Women against their own men. Let’s also not forget the Feminist campaign to push abortion rights in the Black community, using the mantra, “My body; my choice.” This ended up in at least 40 million aborted Melanated children once abortion was legalized in 1973. Most recently, they have been jumping on the bandwagon of the so-called ‘Street Harassment’, essentially making an entire ruckus out of a non-issue. 
Now my question for these women is this: has the feminist ideology been of any long-term benefit to Melanated Women here in America?
The answer: an obvious, overwhelming no.
So if this is the case, why are there any Melanated women still clinging on to this ideology?
Maybe that’s what Black Feminism is really all about: irrational support for an egotistical, harmful ideology. Of course, you have some who are feminists without really comprehending the real agenda of feminism. Those Melanated Women can easily be exposed to the reality of this pseudo-revolutionary ideology if you can sit down and carefully have a discussion about its facts and effects on the community in general.

(Some) Single Moms – Taking dating/life advice from the man-hating feminists, some of the single moms in the ‘Black’ community over the last half-century have become very bitter themselves. Getting suckered in with the propaganda about the ‘benefits’ of adopting feminist values, they took the children and broke off from the traditional family, seeking to fufill the feminist dream of being “strong, independent women who don’t need a man”. A lot of single mothers learned the hard way that it is really not that practical in reality. Still being pressured by peers and feminists to “hold it down for the women” (while many accepting and eventually depending on government assistance), many Melanated Women would raise their daughters with this same mentality, while at the same time, raising the young boys to either hate, suppress, or ignore their masculine traits/energy. Armed with shaming tactics and an inflated sense of privilege/ego, many Melanated Women in this situation would learn to either run away decent/above average men, or settle for either sub-par, incompatible, predatory men. When these relationships would fail (obviously) and the women would be left with children, her anger toward her former mate would cause her to harbor it at her seed, especially the male child. This unnatural hostility caused many Melanated children to be raised with a severe psychological imbalance along with the many forms of psychological abuse and subliminal messaging coming from systemic racism. Now to be fair, some fathers did legitimately walk out on their children, there were also other split couples who were able to work out plans to properly raise their children in spite of their differences. Also, people tend to forget that in order to get government assistance from the '60's til' present day, you cannot have an adult male living in the house. This clause became easily flipped around and became the “deadbeat dad myth”. And now, due to the women taking some low-key terrible advice from token females in the feminist movement, the descendents of these children have become self-hating men and women who spend their time trolling and bashing each other online.

 Hopefully these women can wake up to how they've been conned before it's too late.