Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Black Resolutions For 2014


(In response to youtuber david carroll's videos)

Read two people's responses for yourselves.

Shawn James

Resolutions the Negro should make in 2014:
1. Get White Liberals out of leadership positions in the Black community
2. Stop voting for the Democratic party
3. Overthrow the corrupt Black Church
3. Stop shopping in Lebanese and Arab owned stores
4. Support Black owned businesses.
6. Write letters to networks about TV shows like Love & Hip Hop, Basketball wives and their ilk demanding these minstrel shows be taken off the air.
7. Write letters protesting the music industry and Shit hop music
8. Write to the webhost of World Star Hip Hop and get that site taken down
9 Stop fighiting over Air Jordan sneakers like rabid dogs.
10. Stop watching Lamestream media from Madison Avenue & Hollywood and taking them for truth.
1 month ago



11. Stop breeding and start "mating," meaning wait until marriage to have children. 
12. Black women start loving yourselves by FIRST taking off that god-awful hair weave that in no way resembles your own hair.
13. Stop painting your exposed body parts, i.e. faces, necks, and hands with tattoos.
14. Males pull your fucking pants up and start combing your hair.
15. Females get rid of all the liberal feminist ideas that has contributed to your own broken relationships. 
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